Menifee Community Information

Menifee Valley currently has seven elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school. Mount San Jacinto College is located in Menifee as well, offering locals the opportunity to pursue education beyond high school. The college also serves as the community's art and culture center with special events planned throughout the year such as live performances, art exhibits and campus sponsored fairs and festivals.

Menifee, along with the towns and cities in the western half of Riverside County, offers a wide variety of recreational and cultural opportunities for residents and visitors. Few parts of our nation can boast such a selection within a short-driving distance. Within Riverside County are forested mountains, lakes, rivers and desert areas that provide diverse year-round sports and recreation. A pleasant drive into nearby mountain ranges puts you on ski slopes in the winter or in beautiful spots for summer hiking, camping and picnicking. Also, there are numerous lakes with various facilities for water sports and fishing. For the extremely adventurous, Riverside also offers endless skydiving, hang gliding, hot-air ballooning and motor cross riding opportunities. Not that adventurous? Then you may want to enjoy Menifee's beautiful lake and parks that feature common areas and playgrounds for baseball, soccer and football events.

Attractions & Points of Interest
For those who appreciate fine wines and delectable treats, Temecula's wine country is only a couple miles down the road. Tours and wine tasting are available, but Menifee residents have the luxury of touring the wineries at their own leisure without advanced planning. Temecula's Old Town hosts several weekend events with an active social calendar highlighted by the annual Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival, the Hot Rod show, and the Old Temecula Valley Theater. This historic and vibrant city is a popular destination for Menifee residents and enhances the relaxed lifestyle the people of Menifee have grown accustomed to.

The Future of Menifee
Moving forward, Menifee is poised for growth and development. The Chamber of Commerce encourages high quality development that is community sensitive for Menifee Valley. The emphasis is to plan a future for creative development that will add distinction to the community's viability as a commercial, educational and residential market. Today, Menifee boasts a population of roughly 88,000 residents, and will likely continue to grow for the next decade. Entertainment complexes, exciting retail shopping establishments with delightful dining experiences for the young and old are being sought. The Menifee Valley continues to exceed expectations in retail development and economic growth.

To say that the future is bright for Menifee Valley could be a slight understatement. The changes will be exciting, the growth exponential and the citizen participation unmatched. Although many will say Menifee is the city of tomorrow, most locals already understand that the future begins today.